The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) involves a new approach to building production based on the use of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and automation of business processes

Our mission is to give the production the opportunity to see, act and control
84% of projects for the transition to Industry 4.0 fail, and 65% do not even reach the pilot. The business is facing an acute shortage of qualified specialists and the lack of platform It solutions

VAIS solves the problem of transition to digital transformation

Fast integration
The VAIS structure allows you to integrate into the company in a few months, modularly
Staff training
Any employee of the company who owns popular office software packages will master VAIS in less than a month
VAIS Group specialists provide support in the operation of the software for a long time
According to Fortune Business Insights Pvt. Ltd., the global market for BPM systems will amount to $26.8 billion by 2028, the market is growing at a rate of ~15% per year.
The next page of smart enterprises opens with VAIS
In real time
Get access to real-time production data from anywhere, quick access to the decision-making system based on dry figures.
Cyber social system
VAIS makes devices, programs and people work as a whole thanks to its unique architecture
The created processes can work without human intervention, and notify about any changes in the system
Fault tolerance
VAIS was originally designed so that your production does not suffer losses due to system failures
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