Industry 4.0 near than you think through business process automation
We present to you our
VAIS platform
VAIS is an intelligent low-code platform for the automated description of business processes of any complexity without programming skills

Industry 4.0

VAIS is built on the ideology of intelligent automation and the concept of a cyber social system that allows you to move from Waterfall to an Agile automation process. The platform allows you to make a seamless transition to Industry 4.0 for companies of any scale.
Using VAIS, all employees of the company participate in the development of business processes, integrating production and technological processes (IoT) without programming skills.

The platform allows you to: Control all processes in the company, make changes at any time without involving specialists, and as a result, reduce the costs of IT departments.

Create your own process in
a few simple steps

Build a form
The VAIS form editor allows you to describe literally any task. 18 types of editable fields. The ability to manage access rights.
Setting up the task chain
Each created form can be a task, which makes the description of business processes intuitive and understandable.
Assign performers
After creating a chain of tasks, they will be displayed in a canyon or a list of tasks with the selected access levels, as they are completed by different people. Each has its own.
The processes are interactive and are not a normal BPM scheme. After the business process is described, it starts and works according to the specified rules.
Advantages of VAIS
Easy management
of business processes
VAIS allows managers to manage all the company's processes and automate the description of business processes without involving IT specialists
Intuitive interface
Any responsible employee can learn how to work in VAIS in less than a month
Data analysis in
dashboard format
Managers of any level can analyze processes at all levels in the dashboard format
It is based on business logic
The most important difference between VAIS and other products is a different approach to describing business processes.ARIS, despite its support for working with notations, has a fundamentally different, simplified approach based on business logic.
Reducing costs for IT departments
VAIS builds the interaction of employees from different departments into a network of interrelated business processes. The platform allows you to get high-quality and easy fast results without unnecessary bureaucracy.
Using VAIS, company employees can build business processes in a visual editor
Digital twins
VAIS works with production and technological processes(IoT), and creates a digital twins of an enterprise without programming skills.
Distributed computing
The system is the basis for creating a cluster with the ability to connect servers, computers and mobile devices
The system architecture is based on a multi-actor math. models, which allows you to scale the system linearly and gives it fault tolerance
Unlimited number of devices
Seamless and continuous expansion of the list of connected devices, organization of the hierarchical structure by means of the system itself
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